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Damian Prisk's Science Prototype


January 25, 2019

The Applience of…

If you know Damian, you know he’s as serious about board design as it gets. Pathological even. Word has it, back in the summer of ”98, his legendary brother took one of his babies for a spin. Without asking (because if you asked he’d say no). He lightly waxed an area Damian had zoned for no wax. This brought on a rage that is still being talked about in the sandy dunes of Hossegor… Tears, loud angry screams and almost a fist fight ensued. No one had ever seen him like this. A biblical rage from a lad that didn’t raise an eyebrow to cancer is as good a point as can be made about his obsessively particular ways; “I’m serious as Damian’s Prisk’s boogie board design when I say rhythm is a dancer”

Full length channels. A talking point…

Q & A

What gave you the idea?

I’ve always been passionate about board design and innovation. After riding a Kingy board an age ago with a slight concave, the speed that board generated influenced me to experiment with similar tech on my boards. However, it is only very recently that this tech has developed to a point where it is being re-produced in quality stock boards as well customs.

I remember flicking through a copy of a Movement mag back in 2011 and seeing a board with a channel running along the full length of the rail.
It was relatively recently I saw a similar channel being ridden to victory at the Shark Island comp by Mitch using a bat tail! Seeing this channel again on a bat looked amazing, and I knew I needed to try one.

Working with the team at Science I was able to communicate my ideas to Dan at the factory. Dan worked his magic producing a board that was on point from the start.

The board is very fast, but what I’ve noticed the most is the extra hold when putting on a rail, say when carving a reverse on a critical section of just on the shoulder. I’ve been bodyboarding since 1990; so I am vintage! To celebrate this, the board has a classic MS nosepiece and embossed stamp. I had a little play with my template over the last couple of years – increasing a couple of areas by only a few mm, but it wasn’t working as well as before and I’m now back to the original dimensions I’ve been riding for years – a template that’s epic for all types of conditions.

Shakka Daimo

As a way of saying thanks for viewing, here’s a couple photos of Jack Johns being dropped in on by a goat boat. Shakka.

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